Nitro Brew

Nitro Brew (cold-brewed coffee served via a nitrogenated beer tap) is catching on.

Not only is Nitro Brew a refreshing way for coffee lovers to get their fix on a hot summer day, Nitro Brew also gives bars, restaurants, cafes and even scoop shops and frozen yogurt joins a new, unique, high-margin menu item that offers something for a wide variety of customers.

Using LN’s Nitro Brew Pouring System, Nitro Brew is inexpensive to install, easy to brew and lasts for upto one month when stored properly. No more throwing out full pots of old burnt coffee.


If you already have a Guiness tap, installing LN’s Nitro Brew Pouring System is easy an inexpensive. Even without a Guiness tap, LN’s Nitro Brew Pouring System is easy and inexpensive to install and maintain.

With LN Nitro Brew on tap, you can now offer your customers everything from cool pints of coffee for designated drivers to a new take on a White Russians, Irish Coffees, and a whole host of cold and frozen coffee based drinks.

Scoop Shops & Froyo Joints:

Frozen coffee-based ice cream drinks, a cold tall one for those moms and dads who abstain from ice cream and yogurt. A new twist on the ice cream float…. to name just a few options.

Coffee Houses:

Be on the caffeinated cutting edge. Nitro Brew will set you apart. Despite what you may think, installing an LN Nitro Brews system is economical, simple to use and maintain.


Contact Brent and Joshua today to set up a meeting to get your Nitro Brew system flowing!