LN’s coffee and espresso roasts were perfected in Woggaffer’s Coffee House in Great Barrington, Massachusetts in 2002 by restaurateur Josh Nunberg. After closing the café in 2006 and moving to New York’s Lower Hudson Valley, the aroma, taste and quality of Woggaffer’s coffees stayed with him. Drinking  coffee everywhere he went – from hip venues in Brooklyn and Manhattan, to health food stores and gourmet markets in the Hudson Valley – Josh found no beans or brews that were as good as Woggaffer’s.

So after a decade of searching, Josh decided  to make his roasts available to the public after meeting Brent LeGunn, a fellow coffee aficionado.

Brent grew up in the wholesale sales business. Excellent customer service is in his blood. Once Brent tried a fresh batch of Josh’s micro-roasted coffee – especially the blonde roast – he was hooked. As a result, Josh and Brent formed LN Coffee to bring Woggaffer’s Coffee to the public by whatever means necessary.

  • Retail: We sell our premium, locally micro-roasted, certified organic, Fair Trade coffee beans to the public through brick-and-mortar stores throughout the NY tri-state area and online.
  • Wholesale: We sell wholesale our premium, locally, micro-roasted coffee beans to coffee purveyors of all kinds, including coffee houses, food markets, gourmet delis, restaurants, caterers, coffee carts and coffee trucks.
  • Ghost Roasting: We offer small businesses the opportunity to develop their own premium roasts and coffee labels.
  • Coffee Consulting: We consult with coffee entrepreneurs on a range of issues, from launching new stores and improving existing businesses, to developing new coffee products, such as:
    • nitro-brew coffee
    • cold brew coffee
    • coffee concentrate
    • customized coffee drinks (like the delicious frozen Woggaccino)
    • and more