LN Coffee Roasters specializes in creating private coffee brands for gourmet markets, cafes and restaurants.

We offer turnkey coffee development and branding services:

  • Bean selection & custom micro-roasting
  • Branding & packaging (including private label single serve coffee cups “k-cups”)
  • Promotional products,  low quantity private label hot cups, cup sleeves and other branded accessories
  • Competitive Pricing

All you have to do is put your new coffee on your shelves or in your bulk bins and promote it.     Once your customers taste your coffee brand, they’ll be hooked.

The Private Label Advantage: In today’s retail environment, one key strategy brick and mortar retailers are using to thrive is to offer their own private label premium products that  customers can’t find on Amazon, in Whole Foods or at other big box outlets.

Private label coffee is a low risk, high return, way to both supplement your private brand, and to launch your store’s exclusive private brand.

Our Coffee: We specialize in roasting the best coffee around. Our roasts will stand up to the best coffees on the market today. We offer micro-roasted conventional coffee as well as USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, kosher coffees. We carry coffees from all over the world, using only the highest quality Arabica beans.  See our coffees page for a sampling of our inventory. We also will match existing blends and create custom blends for our customers.

Our Roasting Facilities:  Our roasting facilities are unique among micro-roasters. While we micro-roast in 50 pound batches, unlike many small roasting facilities today, our roasting facilities conform to USDA Certified Organic standards. As a result, unlike our competition, we are able to offer our customers the best of all worlds: micro-roasted, USA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, kosher premium coffee beans.

Our Quality and Consistency are Second to None: We use a combination of our master roaster’s unbridled passion for coffee, his 40 years’ of coffee roasting experience, personal attention to detail, and the latest in coffee roasting technology, to produce a consistently excellent roast each time. As a result, our custom roasts and blends (and those roasts and blends we make for our private label customers) are consistently and predictably excellent.

Coffee Consulting: We offer hands-on experience of — and a passion for — the retail coffee business. We offer  in-depth knowledge of the New York real estate market (for those looking for store locations), along with honesty, integrity and a passion for customer service. We can help with everything from site location, to business concept, to company organization   ….. and sell you coffee!



LNRoasters@gmail.com •  914.874.1923 •  PO Box 272  Hawthorne, NY 10532